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Virtual Museum of Canada



This online exhibit was developed with the support of the Virtual Exhibits Investment Program, Virtual Museum of Canada.

The Virtual Museum of Canada is managed by the Canadian Museum of History, with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

The Biophare gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Canadian Museum of History in the creation of this online exhibit for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

The Biophare also wishes to thank the following organizations for their contributions to the development of this virtual exhibit:

The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, the Corporation of Mid-St. Lawrence Pilots, the Musée maritime du Québec, the Naval Museum of Québec, the Richardson International Ltd. Port Terminal in Sorel-Tracy, the Pointe-au-Père maritime historic site and the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council.

Biophare virtual exhibit production team:

Marc Mineau, director of the Biophare: supervision, awarding of contracts, financial management, proofreading
Anne-Marie Dulude, project manager at the Biophare: coordination, design, writing, revision of translation
Sonia Boivin, administrative assistant at the Biophare: correction
Marie-Claude Ouellet, researcher
Elisa Peters: translation
Linda Dufault: revision of translation

Digital production team at Agence Caza
(visual design, computer graphics, editing, programming and multimedia integration):

Isabelle Caza, artistic and creative director
Annie Cournoyer, content integrator
Samuel Fleury, graphic designer
Stéphane Guévremont, HTML programmer/integrator
Patricia Leclaire, content integrator/verifier

Photo and video production team:

Anne-Marie Dulude: photographs taken for this exhibit
Simon Ménard: photographs taken for this exhibit
Julie Gratton and Serge Capistran at CIRCA productions: video and sound recording, production, editing and musical score for the video interviews.

External collaborators:

Goulet and Lebel, Architects: photograph
City of Montreal Archives: photographs from archives
Simon Audy: photographs
Sébastien Auger: photographs
Amy Benson: photographs
Library and Archives Canada: photographs from archives
Roland Boutet: photographs
Jean Cloutier: photographs and artifact collection
St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation: photographs from archives
Yvan Couillard: photographs
Yves de Lafontaine: photographs
Denis Duhamel: artifact collection
Hélène Duquet: photographs
Eric Engbretson: photographs
Environment and Climate Change Canada: scanned maps
C Ewan ar Born & Sémhur: scanned map
Louis Falardeau: photographs
Louis Fradette: photographs
Jean-Pierre Gagnon: photographs
David Gaspard: photographs
Georgette Goupil: photographs
Serge Guay: photographs
Laetitia Joseph: photographs
Jacques Lafond: photographs
Gérard Lafrenière: photographs
Marie Lagier: photographs
Josette Lalande: photographs
JiCi Lauzon: photographs
Maxime Légaré-Vézina: photographs
Éric Lespérance: photographs
Vincent Logeart: photographs
Germain Martin: photographs of artifacts
Patrick Matte: photographs
McCord Museum: photographs from archives
Paul Messier: photographs
Stéphane Miller: photographs
Quebec Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Fight Against Climate Change: scanned maps
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: photographs
Claude Mireault: photographs
Naval Museum of Québec: photographs from archives, including the archives of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Museum
Véronique Nolet: photographs
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources: photographs
Maurice Parent: photograph of an artifact
A. Pérot: photographs
Barry Rice: photographs
Judith Roger: photographs
Jean-Claude Saint-Arneault: collection of artifacts
Denis Saint-Martin: collection of artifacts
Charlotte Savard: photographs
Pointe-au-Père maritime historic site: photographs and photographs from archives, including the archives of the Peabody Essex Museum and The Sphere, June 1914
Caleb Slemmons: photographs
Société d’aménagement de la Baie Lavallière: photographs
Pierre-de-Saurel historical society: photographs from the Marine Industries Fund
Stratégies Saint-Laurent: photographs
Véronique Tanguay: photographs
Amélie Tessier: photographs
Jean-Éric Turcotte: photographs
Colin Van Overdÿk: photographs
Lynne M. Witty: photographs

Interview subjects:

Alain Arseneault, President of the Corporation of Mid-St. Lawrence Pilots
Louis-Vincent Barthe, First Mate, Algoma Mariner
Maryse Camirand, Vice-President, cruise ship MS Jacques-Cartier
Jean Cloutier, Pilot, Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots
Marc Cimon, Chief Engineer, Algoma Mariner
Stéphane Julien, Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker captain
François Harvey, tugboat captain, Ocean Group

Advisory committee

Marc Mineau, director of the Biophare
Anne-Marie Dulude, project manager at the Biophare
Alain Arseneault, Corporation of Mid-St. Lawrence Pilots
Jean Aubry-Morin, St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation
Céline Schaldembrand, St. Lawrence Economic Development Council
Serge Guay and Martin Debofle, Pointe-au-Père maritime historic site
André Kirouac, Naval Museum of Québec
Serge Laperrière, Richardson International Ltd. Port Terminal in Sorel-Tracy
Sophie Limoges, Musée maritime du Québec